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Mostafa Bahari

Mostafa Bahari (Persian: مصطفی بهاری‎), born on January 26, 1990 and known as Musata, is an Iranian DJ and music producer, and one of the founders of the MUSATA MUSIC label . He became known for his song “Eshq-e Noqreei” (Silver Love) in 2017. The song was released in the UK and ranked first in the H.R label and 61 in Big Room in Beatport Company. Following the release of Royal song in 2017, he got famous in most countries. He has been working in this area since 2015. He is one of the few Iranians having managed to get into the Beatport top charts, with 4 music tracks in the Top Chart and 7 music tracks in the Top Release Beatport. He works in various genres (Progressive, Progressive House, Big room house, Melbourne, Electro House, Dubstep, Future house.). After separation from the labels, Musata decided in the late 2018 to create a record label and succeeded in starting a label called MUSTATA MUSIC together with DJ RezaM. He also achieved much success in 2018 by releasing two music tracks called SPINNING NOISE and BLAST.

Carlos Rubio


DJREZAM,real name reza mahjoob,is an electronic music producer,remixer and DJ.He was born in tehran in 1976 and works mainly on house music tracks.reza began DJing at the age of 23 .
Using abelton live as main mixing concept provide a 100% clean and logical & harmonically live mix with latest toys & tools available in the market equal to top worldwide Dj s standards.